Permanent Hair Removal: 7 Things You Need to Know Before Having the Treatment

Permanent Hair Removal: 7 Things You Need to Know Before Having the Treatment

It's worth learning about permanent hair removal before you get started. We realize it's tempting to believe the promise of a hair-free experience, but it's critical to research (and the possible side effects) before deciding.

To help you see what's happening in permanent hair removal, we talked to a few experts and asked them about seven things that every woman should know.

1. The Process of permanent laser hair removal is fascinating

The laser hair removal method destroys and damages the hair follicles with each treatment, which is done by targeting and burning the hair follicles with light (i.e., laser beams) in tiny bursts. At-home equipment has significantly lower energy than in-office technologies, making them safer to use at home on your own.

2. The process sounds painful but isn't too bad

The most common type of procedure is called 'laser'. It's a long word commonly heard associated with bruising, but it doesn't hurt as severely as other medical procedures.

3. Permanent hair removal is safe

Although home appliances are usually secure and safe, there is a genuine risk of harmful effects, such as scarring. So avoid using an at-home device on sensitive areas of your body, such as your neck or face. However, it's critical to read the instructions first.

4. Use a trimmer before hair removal

Be sure to remove any light hairs with a trimmer before you start the process of permanent laser hair removal. Removing these hairs will help ensure that they aren't confused for hair and targeted by your at-home device. A pre-cleaning step is necessary to avoid any confusion and to protect you from harm.

5. Hair removal might not be permanent

Lasers work by targeting the melanin (the pigment) inside each hair. Unfortunately, even though some hairs don't come back again, some do, so more than one treatment will probably be needed to get rid of all your unwanted hair.

6. Patience pays off

The hair has to be in the right place at the right it's hard to predict when you'll need to come back for another treatment. It could be 6 weeks, 3 months, or 5 years depending on your body and how your hair works.

7. More than one befit

Aside from permanent hair reduction and clearer, smoother skin, laser hair removal has advantages including the ability to help reduce ingrown hairs and discomfort. This is because the treatment encourages healthy hair to grow in a straight line.

Best Permanent Hair Removal Device

The Diamond IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine is the most advanced and efficient hair removal equipment on the market. It's great for all parts of the body, especially the face and bikini region, with 500,000 flashes - more than any other IPL machine on the market. It's also suitable for use at home because it has been certified and clinically verified.

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