Step 1: Charge the device. It comes with USB cable and you can charge it from any available USB port such as PC, laptop, power bank or even mobile phone charger. The lights will stop flashing when device is fully charged. 

Step 2: Be sure to have your face warmed with either a hot shower or warm towel for 5-10 minutes to allow pores to be opened and exposed. 

Step 3: Choose your desired beauty head. Please take a look at the picture below with suggestions on how to use different heads. 

Step 4: To operate the device press and hold down the ON/OFF button for 3-5 seconds. Please ensure you charge it before using for the first time. 

Step 5: Choose your desired suction level by pressing the power button once. There are three power levels for you to choose from. 

Step 6: Evenly apply suction on your skin in a slow outwards gliding motion, as this technique will promote lymphatic drainage. It's best not to remain in one spot longer than 2-3 seconds when using the device. Remember to move the device around in a direction along the way.

Caution: depending on your skin type and the setting used this device can cause "love bites" or bruising. Please test device on the small patch of your skin first before proceeding with the full treatment. 

Step 7: To switch off the device, press and hold down ON/OFF button for few seconds. Sometimes you may need to hold it for a little longer. 

Step 8: Hold a cold towel on your face for 1 minute to close your facial pores. Apply moisturiser after your treatment to re-hydrate your skin to promote healthy & radiant skin growth.



To clean the beauty heads after the treatment you can use any antibacterial cleanser or sanitiser available to you. Larger heads can be cleaned by pulling a sanitised piece of cloth, tissue or even a cotton pad through it. To reach inside of the beauty heads with the thinner nozzle you may find easily manageable with the cotton bud.


In the very rear circumstances you might need to replace a filter. This can happen in the following instances:

  • Some waste got inside of the suction tube and its visual. 
  • There is no visual waste inside of the suction tube, but the after considerable period of usage the suction became significantly weaker.

To replace the filter follow the simple steps shown on the picture below: